Payment Service

Since its establishment, our company has obeyed the belief of scientific and financial innovation, we draw on the experience of the internet and use its financial technology to serve our customers fast and conveniently. Huione has pioneered the development of mobile client independently(Huione App) in Cambodia, which has been popular by the customers, it is integrated with services of remittance/deposit/withhold, etc. Now it has become the first choice of the third-party payment tool by the merchants and individuals in Cambodia and it has been called "Alipay in Cambodia"as the most intimate financial company for the Cambodia people of Chinese descent.

Life Circle

Huione provides a series of fast and convenient life services including transfer remittance, telephone charge payment, bill for water and electricity, etc, at the same time, it devotes to create the discounted business circle around you and let you enjoy the benefit and convenience brought by the financial science and technology.

Enterprise service

Supported by its highly efficient safe financial basic platform, so that the staff in Cambodia can enjoy convenient and benefit live Service as well as fast and convenient transfer remittance service in Cambodia.

Huione Pos

Huione Pay’s"Huione Pos" cash register system is a cash register and management solution for the life service industry, huione cash register system is mainly applicable to: Car Service, Shopping Card, physical examination / Dentistry, clothing / leather goods wash and care, training course, Matching Mirror, wedding photography, other photography, personality photo, photo printing, parent-child photography, mother and child, acne, hair and beauty, beauty, beauty, beauty, nail and eyelash, Yoga dance, Korean fixed makeup, thin body, other life. On this basis, enrich and improve the collection of data collection, analysis, application in one of the big data service platform, depth mining data value, to provide enterprises with more diverse big data extension services, create more value.