about huione pay

new generation of Internet banking

Huione pay is an innovation enterprise aiming to bring the leading financing science and technology service for the world.

Huione pay aims to take the duty “to changed the people’s life” with the value of “integrity of the world, customer-oriented, scientific innovation and people oriented” and pledged itself in Cambodia. It now has good reputation and loyalty in Cambodia.

Huione Pay team is composed by top bankers, security-field expert and technical elite on software and hardware, it provides foresighted basic service platform and the ideal payment method that’s been widely accepted through the analysis of the path of the first coin to the internet finance groups.

Through scientific innovation ability, based on Cambodia and its global customers, Huione is committed to provide excellent financial services with simple operation, safety and reliability, convenience and speed as well as shared interest.

  • Safety

    All of the Huione pay security programs have been finished under the cooperation of the top security experts, they outperform any existing technology that can steal payment system data to ensure that the customers’ operations can be finished with minimal risk. What’s more prided is that we can realized the perfect balance between security and convenience, at the same time, each user of our system has the right to install additional security programs.

  • High efficiency

    Affected by the world political factors, the current banking systems are usually so lagging with deficient operation speed. The security programs under the administration control and national systems have reduced the financial operations speed, which requires a new settlement method. As a result, Huione is so sensitive and has observed the importance of the high efficiency of the current economics, and its paying system is only limited by the modern communication techniques and the information transmitting lines.

  • Universal

    It has been proved by the world electrical payment system that it may cause the complicated system use for legal and natural person due to the difference of functional tasks, as a result, we also met this problem for our engineers when we started: we need to provide the users with the most functions and the simplest operations. Finally, we didn’t only provide convenient and fast financial services for the big financial organizations with large amount of cash flow, but also provided conveniences for all the customers that needed small amount of electrical payment.

  • 7x24 Service

    We provide financial management services with below models: Our users can get access to our staff at anytime, anywhere in the whole year of 365 days, so that their problems on the systems can be resolved at any time by our senior technical experts regarding the banking activities and Internet financial operation field in our Huione customer service center, so that they can help to provide necessary financial operations or check your balance.